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A 5 Step Guide to Hiring the Perfect Voice Artist Online in 2022

Covid changed the landscape of the voice over industry.

As voice artists became confined to their homes, they adapted to the new normal by either installing or upgrading their home-set up, making remote recording not only a possibility but also a preferred choice.

Are you looking for a professional voice over without the hassle of finding and paying for a studio? Do you want to get a high-quality voice over recorded for your script quickly from someone credible? Then this post will help you with exactly that.

If you follow these seven steps, you might be able to close the VO side of your assignment in just a couple of days!

Step 1: Scripting

Getting your script ready before you scout for a voice-artist is a must. Try to get as close to the final version of the script as possible. This is going to be very important in deciding the voice artist’s fee and timelines.

Whoever you hire, will most likely ask you to share the script with them first.

If this is not possible due to an NDA or similar, you need to share the purpose of the VO - ad, e-learning, explainer, podcast, animation, IVR or something else. You may also have to share the length of the script either in the number of words or the length of audio output.

Be sure that the number does not vary too much when you send in the final script for recording. Get a revised quote if that happens.

Step 2: Finalising Your Brand Voice

Now it’s time to decide whether you want a female, male or gender neutral voice to narrate your script. If you are not sure, you can get auditions first to achieve more clarity. More on that in Step 3.

You also need to have some idea of what kind of voice you need for the project at hand. For example:

Voice age - child, teen, young adult, adult and senior are the usual categories.

Voice type or quality - deep, smooth, soft, rich, sweet and so on.

Emotion - Sincere, angry, playful, conversational and so on.

Do not worry if you are not completely sure about all of these. Once you start interacting with voice-artists, the picture will start becoming clearer.